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Le 20 octobre 2016, 05:17 dans Humeurs 0

Man alive don't live it. would not exist is a deadly and the existence of talents will be in the social environment will survive, will not exist in the end of the people could only become victim of nature. people must learn to live in the soup is happy to be in existence is absolute in the bliss to learn to survive.

I read an article about a chinese child and children, the risk of the black 姬山, the chinese children are clever, in the river, to keep on the strength and japanese students. this i was thinking : survive, in this incident was quite incapable of refraction. nothing in the world situation of despair, but only for the situation of despair. optimism is the only way to survive.

You read the classics of robinson crusoe. robinson on a desert island had a hard and eight years, the spirit, that i was overawed by the urge to survive, i'm from the story, crusoe : life after the situation is like a life of the storm, the storm is a sieve, when you live to lose confidence, you are out of the waste to sieve ; when you live with confidence, you will be held in the sieve, you will is the desire to succeed.

Hemingway said that no one can beat you, unless you'll fall. have faith in yourself, to defend himself. life in the sieve test your ability to live!

Learn to live is an ability, a test, a kind of wisdom. to be life in the sieve, to have firm faith, slowly discipline. actually, learn to live in a society, the backbone of the motherland must learn to survive and flourish ethnic, national development must learn to survive.

Learn to survive, very important!

The beauty of life

Le 20 septembre 2016, 06:22 dans Humeurs 0

Though there is much to be concerned about, there is far, far more for which to be thankful tourism training. Though life's goodness can at times be overshadowed, it is never outweighed. For every single act that is senselessly destructive, there are thousands more small, quiet acts of love, kindness and compassion. For every person who seeks to hurt, there are many, many more who devote their lives to helping and to healing. There is goodness to life that cannot be denied. In the most magnificent vistas and in the smallest details, look closely, for that goodness always comes shining through. There is no limit to the goodness of life. It grows more abundant with each new encounter. The more you experience and appreciate the goodness of life, the more there is to be lived. Even when the cold winds blow and the world seems to be covered in foggy shadows, the goodness of life lives on. Open your eyes, open your heart, and you will see that goodness is everywhere business registration in hong kong. Though the goodness of life seems at times to suffer setbacks, it always endures. For in the darkest moment it becomes vividly clear that life is a priceless treasure. And so the goodness of life is made even stronger by the very things that would oppose it. Time and time again when you feared it was gone forever you found that the goodness of life was really only a moment away. Around the next corner, inside every moment, the goodness of life is there to surprise and delight you. Take a moment to let the goodness of life touch your spirit and calm your thoughts. Then, share your good fortune with another. For the goodness of life grows more and more magnificent each time it is given away. Though the problems constantly scream for attention and the conflicts appear to rage ever stronger, the goodness of life grows stronger still, quietly, peacefully, with more purpose and meaning than ever before rent apartments in hong kong.

We Walk on the Moon

Le 20 juillet 2016, 10:30 dans Humeurs 0

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with a great sense of pride as an Americanand with humility as a human being that I say to you todaywhat no men have been privileged to say before: “We walk on the moon laser 1064.”But the footprints at Tranquility Base belong to more than the crew of Apollo Ⅱ.They were put there by hundreds of thousands of people across this country,people in the government, industry and universities,the teams and crews that preceded us, all who strived throughout the years with Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.Those footprints belong to the American people and you, the representatives,who accept and support, inevitable challenge of the moon.And, since we came in peace for all mankind those footprints belong also to all people of the world.As the moon shines impartially on all those looking up from our spinning earthso do we hope the benefits of space exploration will be spread equallywith a harmonizing influence to all mankind.Scientific exploration implies investigating the unknown incorporate hong kong offshore company.The result can never be wholly anticipated.Charles Lindberg said, “Scientific accomplishment is a path, not an end;a path leading to and disappearing in mystery.”Our steps in space have been a symbol of this country's way of lifeas we open our doors and windows to the world to view our successes and failuresand as we share with all nations our discovery.The Saturn, Columbia, and Eagle and the Extravehicular Mobility Unit have proved to Neil,Mike and me that this nation can produce equipment of the highest quality and dependability.This should give all of us hope and inspiration to overcome some of the more difficult problems here on earth.The Apollo lesson is that national goals can be met where there is a strong enough will to do so.The first step on the moon was a step toward our sister planets and ultimately toward the stars.“A small step for a man,” was a statement of a fact,“a giant leap for mankind,” is a hope for future Engineered wood hong kong.What this country does with the lessons of Apollo apply to domestic problems,and what we do in further space exploration programs will determinejust how giant a leap we have taken.Thank you.

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