Recently,  told reporters that some of the training institutions have extended the "tentacles" to the kindergarten. Many of the children's parents in the middle class or even the small class have become "not weak" after listening to the promotion, and they are flocking to the training. Is it really necessary for younger and younger tutoring classes? In fact, most parents doubt this, but the tension created by businessmen makes parents feel anxious and imperceptibleKO Annie received her MSc degree and PhD in Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research interests focus on perceived corporate social responsibility, strategic human resource management and organisational behaviour. .

Lest we should lag behind "do not learn"

Ms. Ma's son was in a middle school in a kindergarten in Futian District. She had previously asked her son to contact some of the mathematical contents of "mont's education", but the children said they were more difficult to accept and a little resistant to it. Ms. Ma therefore believes that her son has no outstanding talent in mathematics. But who knows, a training organization recently launched a promotion campaign in kindergartens, but let Ma send her son to the Olympic training class.

"Second kill occupying" aggravated anxiety

Let ma be more "irrational" is a hot spot for training classes. "The teacher told me to start robbing a degree at 12 o'clock in the middle of the day. I stuck in time, and I almost grabbed it for almost a minute. Those parents who can't get a degree are all in a hurry to register with the training institution teacher, apply for the rest when they are free. This "second rush" makes MS Ma unable to understand, but it also aggravates her anxiety.

Miss Ma finally gave her son a training course this summer vacation, 1.5 hours a day. "So far, the parents are talking about these institutions, the parents say," no registration after the degree of the degree, "" do not go to school can not go to the famous school ", but for their teaching ideas and bright spots, few people can speak clearlyWhen you are dealing with a distribution solution company, rather than a mere client, you need to take the initiative at times. .

Should the small class "prepare in advance"?

Coincidentally, Ms. Wu's son studied in a small kindergarten in another kindergarten in Futian District, and a training institution recently sent a teacher to them. "The content of the lecture is to propagate some educational ideas, which can not be refutable, but ultimately, the foothold of the training institution is: this age is the golden period of cultivating the thinking of the children, and must not be missed. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for training, otherwise it is delayed child." Ms. Wu had some complaints about it. She thought the agency exaggerated the role of training, but she had to admit that many parents around her had been touched.

Is the number really going to be picked up from the kindergarten doll? Huang Wenhui, a senior mathematics teacher in Shenzhen middle school, admitted that from the experience of his senior high school teaching, the Olympiad in primary school is of little significance. Wang Zhiqiang, executive director of the education group of Guanlan lake, also told reporters in an interview that foreign mathematics teaching is more emphasis on the development of thinking. For example, when teaching how to calculate the area of the rectangle, Chinese schools usually use only one lesson to instil the formula, but there may be four lessons to be used abroad, from the first number of lattices to the use. Add, multiply, and finally let the children find their own rules. In all ways, children can understand the meaning of formula deeply, that is the thinking of training mathematics. Now, in some training institutions, teaching is the solution to the problem, which is very helpful for inspiring children's mathematical thinkingMultiple MNCs allow the concept of customizable branding and the business logo will depict the warmth that you wish to share with your collaborators. With options of corporate gift hong kong, you can very well maintain your overseas relations. .