Man alive don't live it. would not exist is a deadly and the existence of talents will be in the social environment will survive, will not exist in the end of the people could only become victim of nature attractions in Hong Kong. people must learn to live in the soup is happy to be in existence is absolute in the bliss to learn to survive. I read an article about a chinese child and children, the risk of the black 姬山, the chinese children are clever, in the river, to keep on the strength and japanese students. this i was thinking : survive, in this incident was quite incapable of refraction. nothing in the world situation of despair, but only for the situation of despair. optimism is the only way to survive. You read the classics of robinson crusoe. robinson on a desert island had a hard and eight years, the spirit, that i was overawed by the urge to survive, i'm from the story, crusoe : life after the situation is like a life of the storm, the storm is a sieve, when you live to lose confidence, you are out of the waste to sieve ; when you live with confidence, you will be held in the sieve, you will is the desire to succeed Hong Kong Tourism. Hemingway said that no one can beat you, unless you'll fall. have faith in yourself, to defend himself. life in the sieve test your ability to live! Learn to live is an ability, a test, a kind of wisdom. to be life in the sieve, to have firm faith, slowly discipline. actually, learn to live in a society, the backbone of the motherland must learn to survive and flourish ethnic, national development must learn to survive. Learn to survive, very important Hong Kong Chinesische Feste